Friday, April 8

Six Months... already?

Our Baby Jared is six months old today! It is just so exciting to think how much he's grown and changed in the last six months. And, it's really hard to believe the huge changes that will happen in the next six months too.

Jared is such a fun little guy to have around.
He is happy most of the time... when he gets what he wants.
Aren't we all that way?

He eats every 3 hours during the day and sleeps an average of 10 hours at night.

He loves his bottles and oatmeal, and just started exploring new food options like bananas.

After having 3 finger/thumb suckers, Jared is our first "binkie baby".
I may have forced that one a bit... just a bit.

He prefers to sleep in his own bed.
When we're out of town or on the road, Jared no longer naps and sleeps as well.

He has some killer blue eyes.
Those eyes just captivate me, and I'm hooked every time.

Jared still spits up all the time.
All our other kids grew out of this at about a month old, but Jared spits at least a little after every feeding.

He started truly sitting up on his own this week.

His new favorite toy is our "johnny jump up". You know those things that hook on a door casing and hang down for the baby?
Jared not only bounces in that thing, but he really jumps - like feet off the ground.
Maybe he's got a sports career ahead of him with that vertical!

He is loved, loved, loved all day by his sisters and brother.


Katie Jane said...

just a bit....ha ha! I love it. I love you. I am so excited to see you so soon! Let the count down begin!

Jon and Melissa said...

He is such a good lookin kid! I can't believe how big he is! I need to meet him. Did I hear a rumor?

Ashley Dickman said...

so much like Emma! He is so stinkin cute!