Friday, April 15

Easy Going

Instructions for being the 4th child:

  • Don't cry very much. Mom & Dad have already been there and done that. Smile instead. This is how you'll really get what you want.

  • Let your older sister dress you up. It will bring her pleasure, and it really doesn't hurt anything. Don't worry because you'll get to tease and pester her soon enough.

  • Be grateful for all the extra "help". Like when your older brother decides to give you a party in your crib when you're trying to take a nap. It will be extra cozy with 15 extra stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows.

  • Let your sisters prop you up on the couch so that you dive off the front and bonk your head. It will scare your mom to death, but then she'll really know how tough you are when you don't cry about it.

  • Charm everyone you see with your cuteness and you'll have it made.


madyson said...

Very well put! I think 4th baby's come with extra charm!

madyson said...

PS - He is super cute! Love the dress up and at least it's not heels and a tiara (although I'm sure that is to come)

Bentleys said...

Its amazing these lil ones survive lol! My kids give extra "love" to their brother too!