Wednesday, April 13



It only took a little over 15 months, but Andrew has finally has his entire Christmas present from 2009.

Andrew got a train table complete with a great track set-up for Christmas before he turned two. We just weren't quite ready to let him have the track until now. I didn't want to clean up assorted pieces day after day, and Daddy didn't really want everything broken immediately.

The table has been put to good use though. It has been: a stage, a dining table, a monster truck rally surface, a bed, a Pony-ville Palace, and many, many other things.

It was about time the table fulfill it's true purpose in life.

Andrew couldn't be more pleased.

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Eric and Jenny said...


I talked to Stace today she was still unsure of what there plans were and how they were going to run things from here on out. She was going to look at your message and get back to you. I am so amazed at the wonderful things people are willing to do for complete strangers, your comment brought me to tears at the love people show. I know she is feeling all of that love right now.....thank you friend.