Tuesday, April 12


I like to pull out old photos of my older kids and compare them to the youngest baby.

So I did.

You know those comments that drive you crazy as a mother? The ones from people who think that your daughters look exactly the same (when in reality each one takes after a different side of the family completely).

Well, it turns out that those crazy comments may in fact be true about Jared.

If someone said he looks like Sarah, I'd have to agree. I think their eyes are similar.

If they said he looks like Emma... I can't argue with that. There is something in those cheeks.

And even Andrew! I think their foreheads and lips are pretty close.

It's official. Jared fits in just right.

1 comment:

Jon and Melissa said...

Your kids look so much alike! They are all just mixtures of each other! Such cuties!