Friday, December 24

Temple Square

Dennis surprised me a few days before Christmas with an early present.

We were scheduled to go to Iowa around Christmas-time this year.

He said he thought we should go to Utah instead!

So, instead of his family we would be visiting mine.

What's more is that we usually don't go away from our home until after Christmas, but that this year we would go up a few days ahead of time and spend the entire holiday.

We drove for 18 1/2 hours to get there, but we made it!

On our first night, we rode the Trax Train down to Salt Lake City to see the lights at temple square.

One of my brother's families and my sister's families, plus my mom and dad, and our little six went together.

The girls for the night - minus my sister and I

Andrew just playin' it cool

Jared stayed nice and warm dressed up as a dragon and bundled in his car seat

My girls and me

It was a good night!

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geeno said...

boo hoo we didn't make it to the lights this year - glad i got to pretend i was there through this post