Tuesday, December 14

Double OUCH!

Right after church is complete chaos. We have to go around the entire building rounding up all the kids, and then Dennis is off to a meeting, and I usually head home with the crew.

Dennis had just say his good-bye and I was about to set Jared in his car seat, when I saw Emma trip a little and crash into the leg of the table in the foyer. The legs have sharp edges, so I knew instantly it would be bad. I didn't even pause to be gentle for Jared... I kind of dropped him, and I heard someone yell, "I've got the baby." Then, a friend of mine and I rolled Emma (who was face down) over... yep, it was bad. I started yelling for help and for someone to get Dennis. Immediately, I had people helping in every way. My friend reminded me to apply pressure to the wound, people were finding spare burp cloths and bibs to absorb the blood, some young men retrieved paper towels, and then Dennis found us and scooped up Emma. Another friend told me she would take my kids, and we were off. I didn't even stop to think if Jared needed to be fed or anything. We literally had dozens of angels around us doing everything for us.

We tried to go to a clinic, but they said we needed the ER, so on we went. Emma had already stopped crying before we got to the clinic and didn't cry a tear after that. The lady admitting us to the ER thought Emma had been attacked by a dog! Emma had a two-hour ER visit... watching TV, singing songs, laughing at her own little jokes, and eating chocolate and tic-tacs that Dennis was able to scrounge up with his special knowledge of the hospital.

The end result? Eight stitches and a brand new girl!

That is an ouch, but what about the double ouch? The very next day, Emma climbed up on a chair to get some crayons out of the cabinet. She had been begging me to color, but we were headed out to a friend's house. On her way down, she fell and hit her chin. Once again, I took a look at it and knew she needed more help.

On to the hospital again! Luckily, we didn't need the ER this time. One of the doctors was able to glue the wound shut with some Dermabond, or else she would have had an additional 2-3 stitches in her cute little chin.

Let's hope all of Emma's bad luck has run out and we'll be good from here on out!


Eric and Jenny said...

Oh no!

Though what a place for something like that to happen, I bet you felt so loved with all of that help and support around. One time in KY we went to ward temple day an hour away from were we lived and got a flat on the way home. We had probably ten ward members stop by and help us on the side of the road. It makes me cry even today thinking about how blessed we are as members of the church in every aspect of our lives.

Ashley Dickman said...

sweet girl. tough girl! even though she has 8 stitches in her little forehead... i think this is such a pretty picture of her.

Jon and Melissa said...

ahhh! Does it just get out of control with four???? You guys just went through stitches! Poor girl, crazy how going to church is as dangerous as anything else. The next day too...you poor girl. She looks like she was a trooper!

smithsmiles said...

What a trooper!! That girl is going to be able to handle anything!

Angela and Bryan said...

Oh no, Jen! I didn't hear about her poor chin! I'm so glad you guys had so many helpful people surrounding you to help take care of things. It can be so scary when one of your kids are hurt. I'm glad she did so well during the whole ordeal! Amazing!