Thursday, December 9

Blessing our Baby

Our baby, Jared Lee Hunger, was given a name and a blessing by Dennis on December 5th.

Each of Dennis and my parents came, 2 of Dennis's brothers and 1 sister, and 1 of my brothers and my sister came.

We had 9 extra people staying at our house.

That's a total of 7 kids ages 5 and under in our home.

We also had 11 more people staying in a hotel nearby.

That brought 5 more kids into the mix.

Jared relished the attention, and took advantage of anyone willing to cuddle. Here he is with Dennis's mom.

Andrew was in heaven with so many playmates and both his grandma's!

My sister came to visit us for the first time in Oklahoma, and even got to stay for an extra day after everyone else went home. So fun!

I really, really wanted a sweet little family picture on the blessing day. Is that too much to ask? Emma got upset about something right before we took the shot. She was trying SO HARD not to cry. It makes me laugh.

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Jon and Melissa said...

That is AWESOME that so many in the family could be there. Hectic, I am sure, but so fun. Your family looks beautiful...even if Emma is trying not to cry!