Monday, December 27

Emma... the 4-year-old!

Our kids don't usually get to celebrate their birthdays with lots of family around.
In fact, it is just mom and dad and the siblings most years.
This year, Emma was one lucky girl...

1 grandma and grandpa,
4 uncles,
4 aunts,
15 cousins,
1 mom and dad,
2 brothers,
1 sister,
and a Dora cake!

Happy Birthday, Miss Em.
You are a ray of sunshine in our lives.
You love to love people,
and we hope that you always have so much affection and such a caring nature.
Our home would be empty without you in it.
Now, if we could just get you to quit sucking your thumb...

1 comment:

Jon and Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Emma! So fun to celebrate with so much family.