Thursday, October 28


...that make me smile today?

the scents and sights of fall

when this

turns into this

my "Big Boy" helping me bake

and this squishy face


Katie Jane said...

Seriously! Are you super woman? Because there is no way I was making bread after just having a baby. You blow my mind.

smithsmiles said...

You are amazing! Newborn and homemade bread too. How do you do it?!

Eric and Jenny said...

Love this post, all of these things made me smile too!

Your little guys hat is to die for, what a little sweetheart, I bet you could just eat him up!

Jon and Melissa said...

I can't believe you are making bread and not just surviving. So glad the hat fits! He is soooo handsome.

Jennie's bunch said...

They make me smile too! :)

geeno said...

i love that squishy face too - mmmm
and those yummy bread photos too - i actually know first hand how good your bread tastes - yummeriffic