Monday, October 18

vroom vroom

We have been so spoiled here lately.

My parents came to visit us and welcome baby Jared to the family.

My dad spent his week here by fixing up bikes... buying Sarah a new-used bike, putting on training wheels on Emma's, painting Andrew's bike, fixing tires, and all sorts of other bike stuff.

Andrew decided to chip in and help out.

We've taken the kids on bike rides every night since. Andrew pedals as fast as the Road Runner on Loony Tunes... all the while making motorcycle sound effects!

My dad had to go back home, but my mom gets to stay an extra week.

We have all sorts of fun stuff planned (yay!) - more on that later.



How fun I think we should probably get Brody a bike he would love it! AND I never noticed how much Emma looks like your dad!

Jon and Melissa said...

Love the John Deere bike-perfect. I am so glad that your parents have been there helping out and hanging out.