Monday, October 25

Fall Break

Last week was Fall Break for Sarah & Emma, so all the kids were home Wednesday through Friday. It was so great my mom was able to stay through the week!

We did a lot of fun stuff like:

making Halloween sugar cookies,
having a photo shoot for Jared's birth announcement,

going shopping,

having two mommy/daughter nights
(thanks to Dennis watching the 3 older kids),

and having a picnic at the park.
It was such a treat to have my mom here for 2 weeks, and we all miss her like crazy! Not only was she a huge help, but we think she's fun to be around too. It was nice to have another adult around all day... now it's just me and 4 little ones. Thanks Mom!


Katie Jane said...

You look so awesome. You are killing me! I just love you.

Andie said...

Cute pictures! you look incredible! and already out for a day at the park?? You rock. I think your mom is really something too- for raising you especially! Love you Jen!

geeno said...

isn't it such a sad day when you don't have another adult in the house with you - i bawled when my mom left after jack was born. mom's are the best