Thursday, May 28

Memories Made on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we had a little party just the five of us. After Dennis worked part of the day, we went to the store to buy a pool because our old kiddie pool fell victim to the Oklahoma wind this past year. We also picked out some lovely flowers for my flower bed. It has become my new project to keep my flower bed nice this year. I get so much satisfaction from looking out my front windows and seeing colors, life, and beauty!

We then came home, made homemade ice cream, grilled some ribs, let the kids swim, planted the flowers, and enjoyed a wonderful night with our kids.

Happy Memorial Day!

Everyone helping made homemade ice cream... or everyone eating the salty ice in the bucket. Call it whatever you want!

Emma making faces to pass the time

Look at me too!

Sarah's new "funny face." A little more funny and a little less grumpy would probably work better! It makes her laugh, though.

I LoVe Emma's face here - so excited to have the first homemade ice cream of the year!

Andrew's first ever homemade ice cream

Emma... opening up wide just in case Andrew mis-aims and gets her mouth instead of his own!


Ashley and Devan said...

That looks like so much fun. I've never made homemade icecream before but it sounds so yummy!

Brea Marie said...

Awesome shot of Andrew losing the ice cream off his spoon! Looks like your holiday was tons of fun. I'd love to make some home made ice cream too.

The Maker Family said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Cute pictures!