Wednesday, May 20

I Zoo, Do You?

Sarah's cute little pre-school class went to the zoo for a year-end field trip last week. I wasn't planning on going, but the night before the trip Sarah started begging me to come. What mom could resist that? That morning was a whirlwind of running to the bank, accidently stealing the canister at the drive-up window, getting gas, forgetting to put the gas cap back on, going back for jackets, and then hurrying to catch up to the school van before we missed the turn-off for the zoo.

It was all worth it to be able to enjoy the day with my three little ones.

Sarah loved riding the school van with her classmates and then having Mommy at the zoo. She got to have her cake and eat it too!

Emma thought she was just another one of the pre-school kids. She followed the group and tried everything they did.

Andrew... well... he didn't quite enjoy being confined to the stroller and so there are no pictures of him this time. Sorry buddy!

Most of the class (purple shirts), Emma, and a few other tagalongs
Emma is in the pink shirt on the leftish middle. Sarah is the little head poking out on the tallest lion's back.

Wyatt (neighbor/best friend/playmate/future firefighter) and Sarah

What a cheese!

Emma as she considers the best way to mount the giant lizard... I love the little boy in the front. He looks like the future "crocodile hunter"!

I can't believe she is getting so big - love that girl!


Eric and Jenny said...

Fun trip to the zoo, that's fun you got to go with her. Though sounds like a chaotic start to the day, funny you stole the canister at the bank, I used to work at a credit union we had at least one a week stolen.

Jennie's bunch said...

So did you return the canister or are you starting a collection?? So funny!!!
Fun field trip!!

suds2004 said...

I don't know how you do it. Two is tricky trying to get things done, three sounds super hard. I love the zoo, so glad you made it.

geeno said...

great photos - Sarah is so big, I can't believe it either!