Friday, May 29

Congratulations Graduate!

Sarah graduated from pre-school this week. It has been such a great experience for her. She has learned a ton, gained more confidence, and made lots of new friends. They had a graduation ceremony for the class, and they gave away two awards to each child. Sarah received the "scissor skills award" because she's really good with the scissors... should I be worried or pleased about that one? And, she also received the "great attitude award" because they said she was always happy to be at school. I love that about her. Every night before bed she asks us what where we're going when the sun comes up. If I tell her that we're going to school, she gets really excited. On days when there won't be any school, she says, "Oh... I want to go to school tomorrow!"

This fall, Sarah will start Pre-K. It is a program funded by the state for all children to take part in the year before Kindergarten. We start in late August and it's Monday-Friday half days. I think she's going to love it, but I just hope that she doesn't have too hard of an adjustment going every day as opposed to two days a week that she's been doing.

So proud to be a big girl... waiting for the ceremony to start

Saying the "pledge of allegiance"
I think it is so great they do this every day!

Accepting one of her awards

Practicing classroom etiquette with her little brother and sister

Mallory, Sarah, Paige, and Emmalee
Sarah talked about her friends "Paige and Mallory" almost every day. They are cousins, so Sarah kept telling me that she was their cousin too. After the graduation ceremony, we realized that Paige and Mallory's grandma is actually Dennis's secretary at work. What a small world... or town.

The proud graduate


Stephanie said...

Sarah, you look absolutely adorable! I love your piggie tails!

Jennie's bunch said...

Happy graduation Sarah!! How fun!! I bet she'll love and thrive in pre k! Good luck!! It all goes sooooo fast!!:)

Cheryle said...

Sarah, You are a doll!