Thursday, May 29

Is this Heaven?

No... it's Iowa! (from the movie: Field of Dreams)

We went to Iowa for a long Memorial Day weekend last week. It was a really quick trip, but - as always - worth it.

We headed out Friday and stayed the night at Dennis's grandmother's farm. Within the first five minutes of the drive, Sarah had made up a song..."We're going to the farm. We're going to the farm!" Very cute, but it got old after a half hour. The kids all did amazingly well on the way there. Then with only 30 minutes before we arrived, I was looking for a certain toy for Sarah when I heard a THUD! A poor deer gave up his life to damage our Tahoe. The head hit the front corner and headlight, and the body swung around to the driver's side door. Now that door won't open, so Dennis had a great time crawling over the seats all weekend! Luckily, that was the worst of our luck for the trip.

Saturday we spent the morning at the farm, and then celebrated Dennis's other grandma's 90th birthday that afternoon. It was fun to show off Andrew to everyone and spend the day with the whole extended family.

Sunday, we went to church and played and chatted with all the fam. Our newest niece (10 days younger than Drew) was blessed, so it was wonderful to get to be there for that.

Monday, we went to the park where Sarah and Emma got to ride the merry-go-round and some other kiddie rides. Sarah loved it as long as Emma was with her. If we tried to have her go on a ride alone, she would start to panic. So silly! There was also a great playground and lots of grass, so we played frisbee, baseball, and bocce ball.

Sadly, Tuesday it was time to head home. Fortunately, we didn't have anything eventful happen. We arrived safely home (after a few temper tantrums...and some chocolate to keep kids happy)!


Aleese and Scott said...

Sound like you had a lot of fun other then the deer. That is so awful! I love the pictures!

Eric and Jenny said...

That sounds like a great memorial day weekend. That is too bad about the deer, I have a fear of that happening to me. How fun to get to spend time with extended family.

Janna Jean said...

I love the picture of Emma with chocolate on her face!

Sounds like a great trip - minus the deer. ;)

Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

I am glad you made it to Iowa okay.. hitting a deer is always scary! Your poor tahoe.
Cutest slideshow! Drew has the cutest little smile.

suds2004 said...

Fun trip, great pictures! I love the smiling one of Andrew. I wish we would have been in Iowa so we could have seen you. Maybe next time!

Jennie's bunch said...

Poor Tahoe! I'm glad you had a fun trip! I love Drew's smile and the proof of chocolate!! Welcome home!!

Woodyatt's said...

Crazy deer! I just don't understand them. Could have been a lot worse I guess, to look on the bright side of things. My grandma grew up on a farm and it is the funnest place to visit. so I am very jealous you got to go to his family's farm. You are also very brave to give them chocolate, that pic is hilarious

Jon and Melissa said...

Remember when I hit a deer and it totaled my car? Now when I see deer on the side of the road I no longer think poor deer, I think Poor car! (I don't hate animals by the way!) Glad the rest of the trip was fun.

Ashley Dickman said...

Oh my goodness! Is your car ok now?! How did the trip go with seating arangements and feedings?!