Tuesday, May 3

Six - Sweet & Sassy

Sarah turned six years old while we were in Utah this year. She was so excited to have her cousins come for her butterfly party to eat cake and ice cream with her. It was such a fun day!

For Sarah's gift, Dennis and I took her on a "date" to Build-A-Bear Workshop. None of our kids have an animal from there, and we thought it would be something special that she'd enjoy. If fact, as we were walking through the mall on the way there Sarah said, "Don't you think it would be fun if you took me to Build-A-Bear?"

It's so fun to think that Sarah is six now. I remember my own sixth birthday really well - I got a banana chair as my gift and I guess I was being a little too sassy because I remember getting in trouble too!

I hope she remembers hers as a very fun day, not the fact that she did actually get a timeout that day. There must be something about sixth birthdays, huh?

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Jon and Melissa said...

I have thought about doing this. Looks like fun. Happy birthday Sarah!