Tuesday, May 17

Goosey Goosey

Our kids often ask us if we can go feed the geese on Sunday afternoons.
We have a park in town with a small river and geese are there almost year-round.
So, we take our leftover pancakes or a half-used loaf of bread and load up the car.

There is always at least one goose that tries to cause a little trouble.
He thinks he can pick on our kids and hiss at them.
That's when Daddy is called to the rescue.
He makes noises that scare away the geese and make us all laugh.

Emma and Andrew recently learned how to do it too.

After running out of bread and scaring away the mean geese, Jared felt safe and happy with his Daddy.

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Grandpa Hunger said...

What good looking guys. Jared really looks determined.