Thursday, May 19

The Graduate

Emma has been going to pre-school twice a week.

Each morning as we get Sarah ready for school Emma asks,
"Do I have school today???!!!"

She loves being a big girl and independent.

She's never shed a tear, never been nervous about leaving me, she just wears her own backpack, holds her lunch box, and walks in like she's in high school.

Her favorite thing to do all year is to "sneak" in so her teachers don't see her. As we walk down the hall close to her room, she asks me to be quiet. We then tip toe into her class and surprise her teachers.

Miss Michelle and Miss Jessica play along every day until I announce, "Emma! You did it! They didn't even see you come in!" Then, they say hello and Emma beams from ear to ear. I love it.

To celebrate the end of the school year, they held a graduation for her class. Each child received two awards - one for schoolwork and one for their personality.

For schoolwork, Emma got the "Love of Reading" award because she is always choosing to read books during playtime.

And for her personality, Emma received the "Good Manners and Patience" award. Her teachers said she is always sweet and kind to others and she patient about waiting her turn. Dennis turned to me when they announced it and said, "That's a GOOD thing!"

Her teachers told me they also considered giving her the "Sneaky" award for the way she comes into class each day, but they thought the other parents wouldn't understand and would think they were just being mean calling her "Sneaky."

We're so happy that Emma has enjoyed school this year. I know that Andrew has thought it's pretty nice to have a little extra attention...

Great job, Em. We love you!


Katie Jane said...

She is adorable. Claire was sad when we couldn't get together. She was excited to play with another Emma from Oklahoma.

Jennie's bunch said...

She looks so grown up!! So cute!!