Wednesday, June 10

With Grandma and Grandpa

We had such a great time while my parents came to visit. It was non-stop work, talking, chasing kids, playing, and tons of fun!

We kept my dad super busy fixing a few things around the house like siding, insulation, putting in a microwave, and a million other things. He and Dennis also made rocking chairs for Emma and Andrew. I felt bad having him working so hard, but he claims that he enjoyed his time anyway.

My mom and I got to play a lot, help a little, and go shopping in different stores while my Dad stayed in the car with the kids (thank you for that too, Dad!)

It was so nice to have them here, and as always, it was hard to see them go. We took a few pictures along the way...

My parents and I took the kids to the sprayground, and it was a hit as always.
Grandma helping Andrew test out the waters

Pretty little girls

It looks like Andrew is asking permission to get back into the action

"I wonder if this will spray me right in the face?"

Grandma and Emma playing a little game

What on earth are they licking off the counter...?

...Our Family Home Evening activity! Monster cookies, which take 12 eggs, 18 cups of oatmeal, 3 lbs. of peanut butter, and a few other really yummy things!

Did they taste good Emma? I think so!!

The three chairs for our three cuties. Sarah's was made for her first birthday, and now Emma and Andrew have their own too. I love that we can always tell them their Grandpa and Daddy made these chairs. They are the best!

Thanks for coming, Mom & Dad! It was the greatest time... Sarah still tells me almost every day that she wishes Grandma and Grandpa could come here and stay forever or that we could go visit their house.


Ashley and Devan said...

What a fun visit with your parents. The picture of your girls licking the counter is funny. I love all of the chairs, what a neat idea.

Brea Marie said...

Those chairs are awesome! I wish I had some for my kids. How sweet of your husband and Dad to make them for your kids.
Your cookies sound yummy. You should share the recipe!

smithsmiles said...

Your parents are such fun grandparents, your kids are so lucky. Love the chairs, they are adorable. I want that cookie recipe!

Eric and Jenny said...

Umm...those are the cutest little chairs I have ever seen I love them! What a sweet gift...

suds2004 said...

I love grandparents! We are enjoying them right now! I remember seeing Sarah's cute chair at your house a long time ago, what fun. They really are perfect!

Danielle and Ryan said...

I so want the recipe...the bowl looks so great!!!