Thursday, June 18

The Little Miss

Sometimes it seems like my blogs end up all about Sarah or Andrew. Sarah just has been involved with pre-school and dance and all the end of year stuff, and with Andrew being the baby I like to document his new accomplishments and happenings. With the being said, Emma can not and will not be forgotten! She is so fun and such a spit fire that it's impossible to forget about her.

Emma has a great personality and it shines through from the moment you meet her. She walks around and introduces herself to everyone. "Hi! I Emma."

She loves to talk and try to be a big girl. Yesterday we went to storytime at the library. They were reading books about fathers because of Father's Day, and Emma kept interrupting the reader telling them all about her Daddy. It was very sweet.

Emma has a bit of dramatic flair. When she gets her feelings hurt or gets into trouble, she runs away into her room and shuts herself in there. She won't come out until we go get her. But, the funny thing is that if we give her time to cool off, she's happy as can be. I walk in there, and she'll say, "Hi Mommy!"

It's very easy to get her to smile. Even if she's grumpy, if I make a grumpy face at her and then start laughing and smile... then she can't help but smile. It works like a charm. What a sweet girl.

Dennis and I were talking the other day and we think that Emma is our happiest child right now. Case in point? While I was sitting here typing this, she walked in and said, "Mommy, I wake up! I wake up!" Just happy to start her day and see her mommy.

A few other things about Emma:
She still loves to cuddle
She asks to read books at least 5 times a day - she even likes to sleep with a book or two
Emma is in love with Dora... in fact she can count in Spanish almost as well as she counts in English!
She's trying to break the habit of sucking her thumb. Sometimes when I catch her sucking it, she'll stop and then say, "I'm trying hard."

Enjoying some yummy cookie dough. Emma is always messy... no matter how hard I try to keep her clean.

She is a crack up! I asked her to stop sucking her thumb in the car, and she said: "I do this?"

Just waiting for some friends to come sit with her... our little social butterfly.

Just getting the hang of posing for the camera

It's so hard to keep those darn sunglasses on!

We love this girl!


Eric and Jenny said...

She is so cute, I love how she is always messy that sounds just like Luke. My sisters always comment on how dirty he is all the time, and I always say I really do try to keep him clean, some kids just have a knack for messes. I love her personality, it's perfect for the middle child, she looks like so much fun!

Ashley Dickman said...

so fun! she for sure seems to have a personality of her own! i can't believe how much she looks like sarah in the 2nd to last picture! hope you are doing well... we need to get together? where is that splash park in guthrie?

O'Keefe Family said...

Such a fun age! So many things in this post reminded me of Duffy and how blessed I am to have him, you are so lucky for your wonderful kids too, congrats!

smithsmiles said...

Your girls both have great personalities and Emma is so cute. She is getting so big and I love to hear her talk! That is such a fun age.

Ashley said...

So, there's this place in Midvale (I Think) called Wood Connection and they sale wood crafts, letters, frames, just about anything. You have to finish them yourself but I love that store!! It's off 72nd South exit next time you're in Utah!

Andie said...

I just read down through your posts for the past couple of months to get caught up with your life and I have to say I just love your kids! You do such a good job of depicting their cute little personalities...I feel like I know them! You are such a great mom Jen- I feel so comforted to know that I have people like you in my life to remind me what is important! Love you!

Jennie's bunch said...

She's soooo cute!!! It's hard being the 2nd get overlooked quite often...I was one so I know!!;) I love how much she is talking now! She's so much fun!!