Sunday, June 7

All She Wants To Do Is Dance...

Last week was Sarah's dance recital! For the past 9 months, she has taken a tap/ballet combo class at a local studio. For the most part she has loved it. I am glad to report that Sarah is pretty good and definitely didn't get any of my coordination (or lack thereof).

My parents came into town for the recital (and to visit us), so it was extra special for Sarah. She really shined... I was worried that she might burn out or have a melt down with this huge recital, but even though it lasted almost 4 hours she was happy and great through the whole thing.

Emma loved seeing Sarah dance and she cheered for her any chance she got. "Go Sarah! Go Sarah!" It wasn't quiet, but very very sweet. I'm so glad she was excited for Sarah.

Ready for the tap number, "Polly Wolly Doodle"
No, I did not pose her this way - it's all Sarah. I think we're in trouble!

The class all dressed up and ready to take the stage!
I know I'm not partial... Sarah's the cutest, right?

The little ballerina
This is her arabesque, and when she talks about it she tells us that she holds still "just like a statue."

You can't really tell she's dancing here, but Emma learned some new moves while killing time in the hallway.

This little boy was trying to show Andrew how to get jiggy with it too.

My mom with Sarah after the show


Cheryle said...

It was so fun to be there. I'm partial too, but Sarah was the CUTEST! Emma boogied big time!!

Katie Jane said...

Oh my GOSH!! She is freaking adorable. I can't get over her little pose! I just want to hug that little doll!

smithsmiles said...

Look at your little super model! She is sooo cute and what a personality.