Friday, February 1

Ideas, anyone... anyone?

Well... there is now less than six weeks until our adorable little boy will arrive. We couldn't be more thrilled, but there is one HUGE problem. We have no name for the little man. No idea at all as to what it's going to be. Neither of us is sold on any name in particular!

So, I was thinking maybe some of you (my faithful blog readers) could help us out. Any ideas? Send me a list if you want! I'm starting to get worried this little man is going to be Baby Boy forever!


Jennie's bunch said...

Zachary and Parker are good!:) I'll keep thinking!!:)

Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...


*My favorites are Mason (my nephews name) and Keaton (my little brothers name) out of all of them.

Kayleen said...

I like Joshua, Jacob, Evan, Daniel, William (Sean's middle name-slightly bias :P), Braden, Gavin... I'm sure there are more. I'd have to get the old "book of names" out again. lol

suds2004 said...

I love boy names that can be shortened, Benjamin for example. This way when they get old their name still sounds professional and when they are young you can shorten it and it sounds more like a child’s name. If we have another boy someday I love the name Samuel. I also love the name Nathan. Or maybe you should name him Mitchell. Good luck, names are tricky! I'm glad you did the hubby tag.

Jon and Melissa Anderson said...

I guess that I can share the boy names that I can't use but you won't be getting any from the vault-we already have one child with the same name! j.k These are still names that I love, just can't use because they are in the family or for various other know how it goes.
okay I will add to the list when I think of more

Katie Jane said...

I am going to pray about it tonight and let you know tomorrow morning. I am pretty sure I will be inspired for you! Just kidding, but I really am going to be thinking and sending you a list soon. I can't be rushed with this type of thing.

Natalie said...

Mitchell! I love that name and it keeps your last name in the mix. I know you always wanted to name a little boy that...why not the first! I am so excited for you!!!

RichFamily said...

I would have to say I really like Crew. My niece is going to name their little boy that or I would totally steal it. I love it.

Jen said...

Thanks so much for everyone's ideas. Dennis and I are in the process of meshing our two lists together, I think. He still likes a one or two that I'm not crazy about and vice versa. We'll probably narrow it down to 2-3 names and have those ready when we go to the hospital. We've found it's easier for us to see the baby and then pick that ONE name.

Thanks! I really like some of these names you all suggested.