Friday, February 1

Hubby Tag!

Looks like their's a new tag going around! You guys know the tagging rules so have fun. I would name people that I am tagging but some people don't really respond, so if you are reading this and you feel like you want to play than go right ahead and consider yourself tagged!

What is his name? Dennis Wade Hunger

How long have you been married? 4 Years and 8 months

How long did you date? We never dated in the true sense of the word since we lived in different states, but we met and were married 10 1/2 months later.

How old his he? 32

Who eats more? I probably do, but I'm blaming it on the baby!

Who said I love you first? That's a tricky one. He said it first one night while we were instant messaging, but I said it first in person.

Who is taller? Dennis

Who can sing better? Definitely Dennis on that one! I've never claimed to have any vocal ability.

Who is smarter? I think Dennis is because he's always pushing himself to learn and do more in life. He has a great education and has book smarts, but he also is constantly challenging himself with new things at work and around the house.

Who does the laundry? Me

Who pays the bills? Dennis organizes everything, but I usually help him write checks and address it all.

Who sleeps on the right side? He does, but I've been making him trade me when I'm uncomfortable lately.

Who mows the lawn? He does unless I want to surprise him and do it as a favor.

Who cooks dinner? I do mostly, but he's a great help in the kitchen! He likes to cook on weekends sometimes, and his stuff usually tastes better because he's more daring with deviating from the recipe.

Who drives? Dennis

Who is more stubborn? Um... both of us, I think are equally stubborn. Our kids are doomed!

Who kissed who first? Dennis kissed me

Who asked who out first? Neither, but I wrote the first letter...

Who proposed? He did

Who has more friends? I don't know... we each have a lot of different friends.

Who is more sensitive? I am for sure!

Who has more siblings? Dennis does. We both have 3 brothers, but he has two sisters and I only have one.

Who wears the pants? That's an interesting question. We both do, but I tend to be a pleaser so it appears as if he does a lot of the time!


Jennie's bunch said...

You guys are such a cute couple and compliment eachother so well! I'm glad we know you!!

Jon and Melissa Anderson said...

Oh the memories...It is nice to know the details behind all those questions. Glad you let all the treehouse girls be a part of your courtship shall we say. Love ya!