Tuesday, February 19

Fun at Home

With the girls being sick, we've decided to just have a fun day at home. It started last night when Dennis brought home popsicles for the girls. Sarah really thought it was fun to have those for dinner! (Anything to keep them hydrated, right?) Emma then decided she wanted a taste of Dennis' orange float, and she couldn't smile big enough while she sipped it down.

Today, Sarah has been cleaning with me. She is the biggest helper right now... she even rinses the dishes for me (soaking her shirt in the process) and gets them spotless. She helped me while I shampooed our carpets today, and boy does it smell better after yesterday's adventures! And... now her favorite "help" is to climb into the dryer after I've emptied it. I better make sure to check whenever I turn it on now!


Katie Jane said...

I am so glad you changed your background! For some reason my computer had the hardest time trying to load it and I could never see or post on your blog and now I can! I love Em's big smiles! She is so darling. And look at Sarah being all big in the dryer. I am sorry you had sick ladies. You need to post a picture of your belly since I won't see you before you have your baby! Can you believe how close it is?! And then there were three!

suds2004 said...

Fun pictures! Sarah is a great helper which is nice with a little one on the way. Are you getting excited?