Thursday, March 3

Just Zoo It!

Our local zoo had free admission every Monday in February. I didn't know this until halfway through the month, but luckily we were able to take advantage of the deal once or twice.

On Valentine's day, our friend called and asked if we could join her at the zoo. I told her no because Jared had a check-up (and an ear infection, we later found out). She called back a few minutes later and asked if Andrew could come along anyway. What an angel! She was willing to take my crazy little man along with her and her two boys. Andrew was thrilled to go to the zoo with his best buddy, Brody. They had a fun day just being boys. And, my sweet Emma was the happiest little girl. At one point in the day, she turned to me and said, "MOMMY! It's just me, and baby Jared, and you today!"

These two guys have been friends from the start. We go to church together, and they are only 2 months apart in age. Andrew is always so excited to see Brody at church and I can usually even get him to wear his tie when I remind him that Brody wears his tie too.

Andrew really loved the goats. I don't get it, but I love it anyway.

So, this week I decided we needed to use up that last Monday of the month. We went with: Andrew's best buddy, his mom, and their little baby, and another friend, and her cute crazy boy. Poor Emma was the only little girl, but she enjoyed herself anyway. I think we only saw 2 or 3 different kinds of animals because the kids had so much fun playing in the playground areas! It gave them so much joy to just be free in the outdoors.

These three boys all have very strong personalities, so there were a lot of disagreements! When it's all said and done, they still love each other... and they wouldn't be boys without a little competition, right?

Brayden, Brody, Andrew, and Emma. We packed our lunch in Emma's lunch bag she uses for pre-school, so she wanted to carry it around ALL DAY long.

Our two little baby boys bundled up together - Brody's little brother is just a few weeks older than Jared, so these guys can be friends too.

The kids got to ride a baby elephant. They didn't seem to notice that it was bronze. They really weren't that picky.

Happy kiddos! We didn't have any quarters with us (Hello! Free zoo day, remember?) But, a nice family nearby used their money and gave the kids a ride.


Eric and Jenny said...

Isn't it funny how when you are minus just one kid it seems like a vacation kinda!

I can get so many more errands run when Luke is at school then when he is at home. Even though I still have Lance and Katelynn. You wouldn't think one kid would make that big of a difference, but it does!

A free zoo day is such a great deal and a perfect way to get the kids out of the house, how nice!

Ashley Dickman said...

looks like tons of fun. we'll have to come along next time so Emory can tag along with Emma. are you guys going to the opening of the elephant habitat?


ooohhh when does the exhibit open?