Thursday, March 24

Icky Sicky

Early Sunday morning, Sarah started yelling out "Emma's burning up! Her head is hot and she won't move!" My week changed right then and there. After she slept at least half of that day, I took Emma to the doctor on Monday.

Influenza B...

She got prescribed tamiflu, with a warning to watch for fevers in anyone else in our home.

By Tuesday night, Sarah had started in with it.

Our week has consisted of drinking lots of water, milkshakes, juice, and eating pretty much nothing. The girls take turns taking naps all day long, and then still sleep 12 hours each night. They've been hit hard!

I am just praying that the rest of us somehow avoid it all.

It hasn't been much fun, but there have been some funny little highlights along the way:

Yesterday, Emma threw up. It was THE WORST I have ever smelled. I tried so hard not to, but I started gagging while I was cleaning it up. I couldn't stop gagging, and Andrew started impersonating me. He'd make the noise and say, "I trow up. I trow up."

Getting in the car to head to the doctor's office Monday, Emma declared,
"Everything hurts except my toes!"

Emma was being a little quiet one afternoon, so I asked her how she felt. Her response?
"I feel like Emma."

A few hours before Sarah's fever showed up, she was coughing into her elbow like she's been taught. Emma was with her and said,
"Cough on me Sarah. I'm already sick!"

Sarah came up with a special soup recipe to help her feel better.
"Sarah's Special Soup"

"2 onions, 6 pineapples, 8 tomatoes. Cook it for 15 minutes... no, I mean 15 seconds. And that's all! Make it when you're sick. It's very yummy!"


Eric and Jenny said...

I'm sorry I do hope the rest of you don't come down with it. That's the worst one sickness turns into a month long event when it travels around from person to person.

Love Emma's cough on me I am already sick, that's so sweet!

Ashley Dickman said...

oh my goodness! i was cracking up!!! those are GREAT!

I feel horrible that I called you the other day and had no idea! I could have brought over some soup, clorox wipes... something. I hope everyone else stays well.
call me if you need something.

Aleese and Scott said...

I am so sorry! We have had sick little ones at my house too! You almost feel like their is no reason to even cook. Hope they get feeling better soon and that nobody else gets it.

Jon and Melissa said...

That stinks! Jon got it and it felt like forever before he got better and could do anything! I was so glad that no one else got it-poor kids. Poor FUNNY kids though. Those were hilarious!