Saturday, March 12

The Big 3...

Our big boy is three years old! I've always felt like the third birthday is a big milestone. The kids really change from being a little toddler to a pre-schooler. We were lucky enough to be in Iowa with family for Andrew's birthday. It was a big party and lots of fun. Aunt Megan made the horse cake, and Andrew loved it! He kept galloping around the house yelling, "Yah horsey, yah!"

Andrew got a HUGE breath in preparation of blowing out the candles

And, he used a bit of spit to aid that breath.
It made some of his uncles a little wary of eating the cake afterwards!

We got Andrew a cowboy hat and vest for his gifts this year.
I made the vest, and we even found a little sheriff's badge with his name on it.
(He's covering it with his hand in the picture).

Lucky boy had a second party with Dennis's grandma and aunt later on.
Andrew called it his "little birthday."

Here's a little info about our boy:

He is an early riser. Rain or shine, Andrew is awake by 6:30 am.

Like most little boys, he loves anything with wheels. Although if its a toy, he likes to remove the tires. We have a jar full of various sized tires in our kitchen now.

He is fascinated with hitches. When he sees a car, truck, tractor, etc... he has to see if it has a hitch. If it does, he asks where the trailer is.

He is in constant motion. Whether it is chasing his sisters, dumping out a box of toys, running around the house in his underwear, or teaching Jared to play with him - Andrew is going, going going!

He has a love affair with the color green. Given a choice between any two objects, the green one will always win... hands down, no questions asked.

He is very polite. Of all our kids, we can always count on Andrew to say "thank you" and "you're welcome" when he should. The "you're welcome" really cracks me up.

He is a handful. I have a hard time keeping up with his antics a lot of the time, and I have called Dennis more than once telling him Andrew may not survive till the end of the day.

He has won our hearts over the last three years, and we are happy we get to have him for eternity.


Ashley Dickman said...

happy birthday andrew!! what a great smile in that picture and LOVE the vest too! you are so talented!

Jon and Melissa said...

What a great Kid! Happy Birthday Andrew! Nothing better than celebrating with family.