Friday, February 11

Sick, sick, sick...

The sick bug hit our house.

Jared got pinkeye, then a stuffy/runny nose, then a nasty cough.

Emma got a cough that kept her up at night.

Andrew got the same cough that kept him up, which kept me up at night.

This is how we've all felt.

Jared's face says it all.


Katie Jane said...

So sad! I wish I was your neighbor so I could have your unsick kids come play and make you chicken noodle soup! I love ya! Hang in there.

nlybbs said...

So sorry you've been sick! Hope you all get better!

Eric and Jenny said...

Yes, yes I hear you!!

We have had the same thing this week, all of us at once. It's been awful. I have never wanted a week to end so badly in a long time. Hope your family and mine is feeling better soon!

geeno said...

ug! i'm so sorry! we had a sick week but the kind i like (i know i'm a bad mom that i like it when my kids are sick) but only the high fever low energy let's cuddle and watch tv and take naps for a few days kind of sick. i hope you guys are sleeping and happy and healthy again!