Wednesday, February 2

Happy Birthday???

We had a snow day yesterday... it was declared a state of emergency in something like 77 counties in Oklahoma.
The airport was closed.
School was closed.
The mail didn't even get delivered.
I think Dennis was the only person in the neighborhood who went to work this morning!

All of this for 7 inches of snow... but that's a whole other subject all together.
I have to keep reminding myself this is Oklahoma - they don't have the means to clear the snow and ice.
So, things stop...

Well, things stop outside the house. Everything just keeps on trucking inside! Kids need to be bathed, and fed, and played with.

During dinnertime, Dennis ventured out again to help someone nearby. I fed the kids their own dinner and started cleaning the kitchen. I was in my own little world, blocking out the noise, when I heard what I thought was the "Happy Birthday" song coming from all the kids.

I turned around and saw this:

Andrew put candles (a.k.a. pretzels) in his cake (a.k.a. grilled cheese sandwich) and declared it to be his birthday.

The girls were happy to pretend with him.

It is so great my little people have some very active imaginations.


Eric and Jenny said...

I remember in KY that's how it was there too for one inch of snow. The year Luke was born they had a huge snow storm. I would go see Luke in the NICU and all of the nurses thought I was crazy to be out in the storm until they heard I was from Utah, a couple inches no big thing!

Love his cute birthday cake, grilled chesse sounds pretty good!

geeno said...

birthdays are such a highlight for your kids (what with the amazing cakes, presents and special attention) is it any wonder they want to recreate it any chance they get? that is so awesome