Friday, February 11

Child Labor

I found a new way to occupy the kids when I'm busy myself doing laundry, making dinner, or any other number of daily tasks.

I just put them to work!

And... they loved it.

I didn't get around to dusting the day I wanted to do it, and you could tell it had been a while.

So, I sprayed some rags with oil and let Sarah, Emma, and Andrew go hog wild.

It was a win-win-win situation.

I got to make dinner in peace. (win #1)

The dusting got done. (win #2)

The kids were all smiles. (win #3)

Then, they went to work on our dining room chairs.

Sarah even asked for more jobs to do afterwards.

That resulted in the Windex bottle ending up about an inch lower, and half the roll of paper towels sopping wet.

On the bright side, the TV is completely CLEAR of fingerprints.


Amanda said...

When the boys were little I stripped them down to their undies and diaper, gave them a bucket of water and let them mop my dinning room. (We were in Grenada at the time and the entire house had tile floors so it didn't ruin anything) and they had the best time.
I love it when kids think that the cleaning is fun. I wish I still felt that way.


AH HA thats what I do with Brody when he wants to help clean!

Amanda Fortney said...

This is so true! Eli loves to help out. Now, if this could last as they get older...:)

Steve and Katie said...

Its great isn't it!? They love to take lysol wipes and clean doorknobs, remotes, phones etc. too. And every once in a while I have them wash walls and baseboards...or kitchen cupboards or something. I love that they love cleaning for now!

geeno said...

brilliant, simply brilliant - i love all the ideas in the comments too - i'm totally taking notes for later this week

(my word verification is "farta" am i totally immature for laughing at that - oh that just made my night, that and seeing child labor in action)