Wednesday, August 11

Just us girls

Last weekend, my little ladies and I had a chance to have some serious girl time while Daddy and Andrew went on a quick road trip. Activities included (but were not limited to):
mani/pedi night, a doughnut run to the local bakery,
the girls' first ever experience at the movie theater, shopping,
a couple trips to get ice cream cones,
and a pizza and movie night at home.

When the boys are away, the girls really will play!


Andie said...

Oh Jen! That sounds like a blast! You are such a fun and girly Mom...I look up to you so much and hope I can be fun like this with my girls one day! Love you!

Jon and Melissa said...

So, so FUN!! Glad you lived it up. This is why you have girls! The awesome part is it is not only fun for them but really fun for you too!

Brittany said...

I bet the boys were jealous when they got home! ;)

Eric and Jenny said...

Where did the boys go on their road trip to?

That sounds like fun for everyone!

Janna said...

What a fun mom!

geeno said...

that rocks! those are some seriously fun times!