Monday, August 30

ABC's and 123's

Emma started pre-school last week. It is the same school we sent Sarah when she was the same age. It was such a great experience for her, and she's been telling us that Emma would get to go there when she was 3 1/2 too. Emma couldn't wait. She loved every bit of it... from picking out her school clothes, to packing her lunch, to playing with friends and meeting new people.

Emma is by far our most friendly and affectionate child. She loves to be close to people, to talk, and to make new friends (whether they are infants or 90 years old - it doesn't matter)! There really haven't been a lot of opportunities for Emma to have friends her own age, so we were excited for her to have the opportunity.

Until the baby comes, that leaves just Andrew and I home together for a few hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He's not used to being without his playmate! I can't count the number of times he asked me, "Where Emma?" Every time I told him she was at preschool, he said, "I go pre-cool too!" Not yet, buddy, not yet.

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Karen said...

TWO girls in school - crazy! poor/lucky andrew has to/gets to be alone with his mom!