Wednesday, December 30

One, Two, Three... Sing to Me!

Emma turned three on the 27th!!

Church was canceled because of the snow storm, so we got to celebrate together all day.

Emma picked what we ate for each meal (cereal for breakfast, scrambled eggs and cake for lunch, and pink popcorn for dinner).

She got her much anticipated "Dora" cake.

And she had fun opening her presents

Each time she started opening a gift, Dennis would ask "What is it, Emma?"
She would tease him and say, "I'm not going to tell you..."

What a girl!

At age 3, Emma...
likes to play with her new doll
plays pretend with Sarah all day
wants to be Mommy to Andrew
loves Dora the Explorer
has a natural talent for puzzles
enjoys coloring and painting
is very affectionate and loving
runs away to her room when her feelings are hurt
and keeps us smiling

We love our Emma Mae!!


Eric and Jenny said...

Cute girl, I love her little doll!

Happy Birthday Emma!

Jennie's bunch said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

She's looking so grown up!! She's such a cutie!!

Katie Jane said...

No!!! She can't be that old. What a teeny tiny sunbeam she will be! Oh yeah, I love your midget snow man.

suds2004 said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! I guess this answers my question. I love her middle name.

geeno said...

let me guess... you made that fabulous dora cake???

i love learning all those fun things about your little gal! happy number 3!