Tuesday, December 1

The more we get together, together...

Dennis and I have NEVER had Thanksgiving at our own house. Since we got married, we have taken turns on which family to spend the holiday with, but this year we decided to stay home. We thought we would eat with some friends, but luckily Dennis's brother and his family came to visit us. Everyone had a good time... eating lots of food, going on a double date with Russ & Melanie, making homemade pizzas, playing at the park while "the Mommies" had some time alone, making bread, and playing games. It made a great long weekend!

I always do something yummy for my part for Thanksgiving, whether it is rolls, veggies, or pies (lots of pies). But, having dinner at our house made it my job to do it all. I was excited and a little nervous to tell the truth. I planned it all out, wrote down every detail of when and how long everything needed to be cooked. I am happy to report that it all turned out scrumptious, if I do say so myself - turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, and 3 pies (chocolate cream, pecan, and pumpkin). Can we have Thanksgiving again this week?

Emma & Sammie

Sarah & Caleb

Andrew loved his sweet potatoes and roll. Don't pay attention to his purple Dora cup - what do you expect with 2 older sisters?

She is her mother's daughter - we both think the rolls are the best part of the meal!

These kids have so much fun together...
Aren't they cute waiting for the prayer before breakfast?

Everyone got to "decorate" their own personal pizza. This is always a hit on those days when everyone has played hard and is ready to eat!

Silly Andrew... here he is being a goof before he biffed it again and got 2 more bruises on his forehead.

The whole crew:
Corey (2), Sammie (4 1/2), Sarah (4 1/2), Emma (almost 3), Caleb (3 1/2), and Andrew (20 months)

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Katie Jane said...

You are seriously a rock star! I can't even believe you did everything. Amazing! I get to see you soon!! Whooppee

Ashley Dickman said...

I can never tell if my comment goes through!

Ashley Dickman said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot even imagine cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal... that's awesome! Glad you were able to share it with family! Cute pictures of the kids!

Eric and Jenny said...

Good job on hosting, it sounds perfect!

The one year Eric and I stayed home with just our little family in Kentucky was probably my favorite Thanksgiving we have ever had. We still talk about it and how wonderful it was to do everything ourselves...it was so perfect.

suds2004 said...

So fun! What a great host you are and a great cook! I would come to your house anyday for Thanksgiving or even just for some yummy homemade bread!

geeno said...

wow - i'm still working up to hosting thanksgiving... maybe in 5 years - way to go!

emma and andrew don't look too thrilled about that last photo, but it sure is a cute one :)

Steve and Katie said...

I am so impressed! You did everything! I don't know when the day will finally come when that will be me, but I'm sure it will. I guess when it does I'll know who to call! Your kids are adorable my friend!