Tuesday, December 29

once there was a snowman!

On Christmas Eve day, it began snowing.
It kept snowing
all day

The first snow of the season is always magical
especially in Oklahoma
Sometimes there never is a "first snow"

This is the first time our kids have ever truly played in snow

The girls LOVED it

Andrew did not

He wanted to be held so his feet wouldn't touch the scary snow

We made a snow midget

and had a snowball fight



Eric and Jenny said...

Great pictures, you always take such pretty ones. I love the one of you and Andrew, cute hat you are wearing, so stylish! Glad you had a white Christmas.

Jennie's bunch said...

Gotta love the snow!!! Evie went out for one day...came in wet and cold and refuses to go out again!! So funny!!!

Love your snowman!!

Merry Christmas!! :)

geeno said...

that is the cutest snowman i've ever seen! not to mention the totally babalicious mama - like you look like that to play on a snow day - sheesh