Friday, December 28

For Love of Fridays...

I love 1st Birthdays!

Yesterday, my little girl turned one year old... it was so fun. I decorated a Winnie the Pooh cake for her (then it was damaged by some two-year-old fingers 45 minutes before party time... so I re-decorated some of it) and she loved it. We let her and Sarah dig into the #1 on the cake and we had purple frosting EVERYWHERE. It was all worth it.

In the past year Emma has become a little person. We simply love her. Here are some of her favorite things:

  • standing up
  • playing toys with Sarah
  • eating
  • wrestling with Sarah
  • getting tickled
  • singing songs with Mommy
  • eating
  • her little doll - Molly
  • cuddling with Daddy
  • eating

We love our little Emma, Missy Mae, and Emma Mae! Happy Birthday Emma!

Yummm... feed my face please!

This is how it's done, Emma!

Oh, sweet cake... how I love you!


Jennie's bunch said...

How fun! Happy Birthday Emma!! I can't believe she's 1 already... this year has flown by! She's so cute!!

The Davis Family said...

Happy Birthday Cute Emma! Wow Jen, you should become a professional cake designer. That Pooh Cake looked great!

suds2004 said...

Happy Birthday Emma! What a great cake. Ben turns one this week. We can't wait.

Katie Jane said...

I thought I had left you a comment! I wanted to tell you how hard I laughed at your pictures. Sarah is way too funny! She is always going to be there to show Emma the ropes. How funny, when I wrote ropes the first time I accidentally put robes and in my mind I was thinking...why would Sarah show Emma robes? Maybe there are some really cool robes that Emma will need to be introduced to one day and I am sure Sarah will be there to help her out. Anyway, your kids are fabulous just like you.

Skinner Family said...

I can't believe that Emma is 1 already!

LOL at Sarah... that is SO funny!