Friday, December 21

For Love of Fridays...


I love my Christmas tree. I just think it is so fun to decorate the Christmas tree as a family every year. Sarah loves helping Dennis put the star on top and both the girls like climbing under the branches and hanging out under there. We started out with the ornaments evenly spaced around the tree, but each day more and more get taken off the bottom to play with. That's why each day, more and more get put on the upper half of the tree!

I love Christmas decorations. We don't have a whole lot of Christmas decorations yet, but I really enjoy the ones I've got. My favorites are the Willow Tree nativity and our stockings. Dennis gave me the nativity piece by piece last year for Christmas. A couple weeks before Christmas, he gave me baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Then, on Christmas morning he surprised me with the rest of the set. Before we got this nativity, our other was the Little People set from Fisher Price. I got it in college before I was married, so everyone thought I was crazy to have a kid's nativity set. But, the girls adore it! It gets played with all day long. Whatever nativity you've got, it's just so nice to see and think of our Savior.

Our stockings are also so fun to me. My 7th grade algebra teacher has this amazing wife and she makes them. I think she uses a machine, but they are marvelous. They are each a little unique in the pattern and they have our names crocheted into them. Aren't they so cute?

I love Christmas cookies. Sugar cookies are just one of the best things in the world! I love making them for different holidays and taking plates full to neighbors. It's hard for me to perfect my method on these because I only make them a few times a year, but I definitely did it on this batch. Sarah helped me pick out the sprinkles and test them today. She approved... (the trees are my favorite).


RichFamily said...

The cookies look so yummy. You are an awesome cook. I remember all the times I ate your cookies at the treehouse :). Have a Merry Christmas!!
P.S. My birthday was great. Thanks for asking. I'm just middle-aged now...just kidding.

Jennie's bunch said...

Christmas is great!! I love your decorations!! I think you've perfected your sugar cookies!! They were wonderful!! Thank you!!
Merry Christmas!!

suds2004 said...

I love your Christmas tree. Great job on the cookies. You have always been a great cook. I was in the Denver airport yesterday and it reminded me of our volleyball days.