Thursday, January 5

Play Nice

Emma and Andrew have a tendency to push each other's buttons frequently.  They both like to push buttons, but they don't like their buttons pushed.  Imagine that!

But, there are days (like today) when they play perfectly together.  
Today it's because of the temple. 

See that pink castle on the left of the picture?

That's their "temple."

Andrew keeps saying, "Hurry Emma!  It's time for the Daddy to marry his HONEY in the temple!"

So, then all the puppies and Little People and Super Heroes rush to the castle and watch the Daddy marry his honey.

I have a smile (1) because they are having fun together, (2) because Andrew calls girls "honeys" sometimes, and (3) because he understands he should get married in the temple.

I just had to call Dennis and tell him about it while he was at work.

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Mitchell Missionary Messages said...

How very sweet and special! Love those kids and their parents who have taught the about the temple!