Friday, January 13

Baby... It's COLD Outside!

We haven't seen snow for over a month.  And, even then it was only a couple inches that lasted for a few days tops.

I was beginning to think we were still in Oklahoma with the weather we had.  I'm talking 50+ degree weather.  In fact, we went to the park one day because it was so warm and Andrew got 6 stitches in his chin.

Well, winter seems to have finally found its way here.  It has been snowing slowly but steadily for about 36 hours and our high today was 14 degrees.  I have no idea how much snow we have, but it has drifted right outside our front door and is perfect for the kids to jump in and play.  They are completely in love with the snow.  (Aside from the fact that they need better gloves and their fingers are freezing off).

 You almost couldn't get bigger smiles on these kids' faces!


Eric and Jenny said...

It must be a mild winter all around it seems, we have had no snow around here either. It's crazy I can't remember a winter with no snow. Which might not be great, it may come piling down in the spring when we are wishing for warmer weather you know!

Mitchell Missionary Messages said...

Love the pictures! What fun! Where is Jared? Does he like the snow? PS we have no snow here also LOL

Katie Jane said...

I love all their smiles. What cuties. I wish we could come play in the snow with you.

Andrea said...

Hi Jenny! Found your blog through your parent's missionary blog. Great to peek in and catch up on your darling family. I blog as well but not as often as I used to :)