Monday, December 26

Merry Christmas to All

We had quite the adventure for Christmas this year. 
All the kids fell asleep on the way home from our family party, and I thought how perfect it was that we'd just be able to have a relaxing evening finishing up the final preparations for Christmas morning.
But, Sarah was just too excited. 
She came downstairs a minimum of 10 times between 8:00 and 11:00. 
Every time I turned around, she'd be there again! 
Finally, I went upstairs and conked out while she read me books. 
Evidently, Andrew woke up about that time and helped Dennis wrap his presents to me. 
There was a lot of tape on those ones!
So, we decided to have everyone sleep in our room in fear that they would have all the presents unwrapped before we woke up in the morning.
We tucked everyone in on our bedroom floor and Dennis booby-trapped the door with our laundry basket and ironing board. 
Luckily, it worked!
In the morning we all got dressed, took a peek at the Christmas magic, ate breakfast, and headed off to sacrament meeting.
I can't believe we pulled it off, but not one present was opened until most of us were back in our jammies after church.

It was a wonderful morning.
I love that we had the opportunity to focus and celebrate Christ's birth first thing, and then come back home for the gift exchanging.
Favorite presents of the day:

Jared - his Little People skateboard, skateboarder, and puppy

Andrew - his cork gun, or "gun shoot"
Emma - her doll house that didn't arrive until December 28th.  Oops...
Sarah - her Lalaloopsy doll named "Ember Flicker Flame"
Jen - Chanel perfume and scarves from Dennis
Dennis - a remote control helicopter from me (Yay!  It was a huge hit!)

We played and played all day - with toys, with new games, and with each other.
Christmas day was complete when Daddy carried the 3 older kids upstairs to bed in a way that only Daddy can do!

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