Wednesday, January 12

Poor Baby!

Jared puts up with a lot around here.
When you consider the fact that on a daily basis he is:
jumped over,
pulled on,
not so tenderly woken up,
carried around like a doll,
and squeezed a little too tight.
Considering it all, he is an angel baby!

Each Thursday, Sarah comes home from school with a reminder sticker about Friday's activities, but 9 times out of 10, this is where I find the sticker when we unload the car.

Jared even smiles when I dress him up as a dragon for the day.
I don't know why, but I think this is completely adorable.
What's the name for animals that eat their young?
I could be one of those...
I just want to gobble up my little dragon.


Eric and Jenny said...

Poor baby does have to put up with a lot being the youngest, but he does make an awfully cute dragon, where did you get such a darling thing?

Ashley Dickman said...

he is adorable! i was just looking at him on Sunday when I was giving him his bottle- he is such a pretty baby! LOVE the dragon outfit!

Jon and Melissa said...

I could eat him too! He is just so cute!

Andie said...

Jen that is so funny and he is SO cute! That fat little face makes me want to kiss his cheeks! I have loved all your posts lately to your blog...your family is so cute!

geeno said...

what a hoot! i still get sketched out when our friends kids try to pick up and carry jack or their little sister - maybe when i'm on my fourth it won't give me so much anxiety.

i'm loving the dragon outfit and imagining you as a giant prayingmantis or something - they might eat their mates not their kids hmmmm...