Saturday, January 8

Can you play?

Sarah got to have a friend come over for a play-date today.

Her name is Paige.

They met in preschool 2 years ago, were separated during Pre-K, and have been reunited again in Kindergarten.

She is such a sweet girl, and I'm happy for Sarah to have Paige as a friend.

These cute girls got to make pizzas for everyone for lunch,

and play lots of girlie games.

After all the fun was over, Sarah was completely tuckered out and took a nap in her laundry basket. Who knows? It must be comfortable because Emma does the same thing sometimes!

Three cheers for successful play-dates and quiet afternoons.


nlybbs said...

That's so cute! Your kids are adorable!

geeno said...

let's say 10 cheers for days like this - those gals are too cute