Monday, July 12

Simple Summer

There is no better way to beat the summer heat than to throw on a bathing suit and turn on the garden hose.
No better way.

This little buddy wants his trunks on, but wants no part of the water action.

While this silly girl is trying to fool us into thinking she's grumpy. Look at those eyes... she's not fooling me!

So give us all the heat you've got, summer.
Do your worst.
We can take it.


Eric and Jenny said...

There little pigtails are so cute, the older Emma gets the more they look alike.

Katie Jane said...

HA! Emma's face kills me. She really is such a little darling. Cute swimmies for your girls! Love the pics!

Andie said...

So cute Jen! You do such a great job at capturing all the happy moments of your summer fun!