Wednesday, July 14

pedal 'till you're pooped!

Because of all the hills in our neighborhood, we've never taken our kids on a real "bike ride." Sure they ride the bikes around the garage and at the end of our street, but that is nothing compared to what we attempted this week.

Dennis reminded me of a nice stretch of road that is flat, so we helped the kids down there, and then enjoyed a great Family Home Evening activity.

They were complete sissies at first. Every one was crying and flipping out about how scary it was and how fast we were going. But after about 10 yards, they realized it was actually FUN.

Andrew's trike has an extension bar that can be taken off when he's tooling around the garage or put on for us to help him along on a ride like this. It was wonderful and completely necessary on this ride!

We loved our little family adventure.


Brittany said...

Your kids are so cute, I can't believe how grown up they are! I'm glad you gave me your blog. Internet makes it so much easier to keep in touch with people,

Jennie's bunch said...

So cute!! What a great FHE!!!

Andie said...

I am sure this was a lot more work than it looks, because it looks like a blast! What a cute little family activity and family!