Tuesday, August 19

The Mega Post

I decided to do three posts in one because I haven't posted in a week.

The New Fave
We've been lucky to get a week of relief from the heat, so we branched out a bit and found a new park. It's actually an elementary school playground, but it was a complete hit. It was so fun for the girls (and even Daddy and Mommy) to play on all the old school equipment.

We climbed up the curly slide at least 20 times!
Emma got nervous on the way up, so we had to help out.

She has really turned into a Daddy's girl!

Monkey in the jungle gym!

I love this one... Emma thought she was on top of the world.

Yep... they're still cute here too.

I totally want a tire swing in our yard!

Drew was so happy the whole time.
He just sat there and watched us while kicking his feet.
Yes, he really is this happy most of the time!

Texas, Here They Come...
It's pretty nice living here in Oklahoma because two of Dennis's brothers are married to girls from Texas. So when they drive from Iowa to Texas, it's a perfect excuse to stop in for a few days. Two weeks ago, Russ's family stopped in and this weekend, Bryan's family stopped. We had the best time just hanging out and playing! Thanks for coming to visit your lonely little family Bryan & Angela!

Bedtime snack: popsicles!
L to R: Emma, Sarah, Ethan (4), and Allison (2 1/2)

Andrew is just 10 days older than their little Nicole

Our Family Home Evening activity was Candyland.
They had a great time as long as no one came near Sarah's red guy.

Lovin' On Drew
I know I've mentioned it before, but Emma just has a lot of love inside her little body. She loves to cuddle with Mom & Dad, and she is constantly wanting to hug, hold, kiss, squeeze, tickle, and touch Drew. If I sit him on the couch next to me, she slides right on in and puts her arm around him. I took these pictures this afternoon when everyone was feeling especially loving.

What great sisters... Drew is going to be well taken care of!

(I swear I don't even prompt her to hug him or give a kiss for these pics. They are pretty much candid).

Well, this one might not be so candid...

Heaven: my big kids loving my baby!


Jennie's bunch said...

What a fun playground!! It looks like you guys had a blast!! This weather has been nice...I needed a break from all the heat!:)

I can't say it enough...I love Drew's smiles!! He is the cutest kid...along with his sisters!!:)

Ashley Dickman said...

I love all the pictures! I'm glad you have had lots of family visit.. that's fun! I love all the pictures and can't believe how big Andrew looks!

Ashley Dickman said...

I miss you in primary by the way!

Rebecca Amicarelli said...

Adorable new pics! Drew has changed a lot and Emma has gotten more hair. They are so cute.

Katie Jane said...

So cute!!! I miss you...can I just say it again...I miss you! Your kids grow up so much in between posts and I just can't get over it. You look great by the way! I love the Popsicle picture. They are darling.

Kimberly said...

I want a tire swing in my yard too. I have the tire from the last time I got new tires, but I haven't found a place that sells the hardware. I'll let you know if I do! We had one at our last house and the kids LOVED it!

Eric and Jenny said...

Your kids are just so sweet, they have the cutest little faces. You always look so cute in every picture I see you in. That's great your kids got to spend time with their cousins, must have been great having some family around to hang out with. Cute pictures!

Brea Marie said...

Your kids are so cute! Emma is so sweet!

Jon and Melissa said...

Fun, post. Your kids are so cute together. That is my favorite thing to, when they love each other. I am glad that you have family visit too. It is so nice to be the pit stop! Also love the pictures on the slide. What a fun family.

Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

You have so many cute pictures in this post! I love the one of the kids on the counter in their underwear or diapers. That park you guys have found looks so fun! I wish we lived closer to you.. I miss you!

suds2004 said...

Benjamin loves kisses lately too. He goes around kissing everything from his teddy to scared little babies who wonder what he is doing. What darling pictures as always your kids are so cute!