Monday, August 4

Cousins, Cousins Everywhere

We were able to enjoy another weekend with family this week! Our sister-in-law was headed from Iowa to Texas for a wedding, so she and her three kids (plus Dennis's aunt) stopped in for a few days to break up the loooong trip. We all had the best time playing together and having fun. The great thing is that their kids are fairly close in age to ours. Sarah is only two months younger than Samantha, they have a little boy (Caleb) one year younger, then comes Emma, and Corey is about five months older than Andrew. It is great to get all the kids together, and the older they get, the more fun they have!

Everyone got in on Thursday afternoon, so we had dinner and just played at home. On Friday, we ran some errands, and then went to a ward activity that was at a water park. It was the best place for kids. If I had a nanny to help me keep track of my three little ones, I would go there every day! Anyone know any free nannies? On Saturday, we went to a friend's house in the morning and then let the kids run through the sprinkler in the back yard. We let them run in their underwear, but in our defense it was 107 degrees that day!!! Sunday, we got to go to church (where I taught my first Relief Society lesson in about three years - stressful) and then everyone took naps, did some crafts, and played Candyland. It was a great weekend, and we were so sad to see them go this morning! They'll have a great time in Texas with their family, though.

The older kids:
This is what we do for fun in Oklahoma!

The little ones:
They aren't really aware of each other yet

Sarah at our friend's house on Saturday
(they've got a little hobby farm with a few acres and some animals)
She LOVES it there!

Emma cruisin' around the yard at our friend's

Drew chillaxin' in the swing
Who needs toys when you've got fingers to bite?

This kid just couldn't be happier...
He is so fun to have in our family!
Who can resist this guy?


Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

Such cute pictures! Andrew is getting soooo big! What a darling boy! I can't believe it's 107 degress there.. thats hot!

Jennie's bunch said...

I love Drew's smiles!! I have to get one everytime I see him!!:) I was fun meeting your family! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!

You gave an awesome lesson!! I'm getting excited for R.S. and being spiritually fed!! How do you give a lesson and not look totally nervous? I like teaching kids...not adults!!:)

Ashley Dickman said...

I heard you had a wonderful lesson! Thank you VERY much for the dinner! It was really good! We also really appreciate the cookies... You should post the recipe on your blog because they were so stinkin good! I love the last picture of little Drew!

Rebecca Amicarelli said...

It's so much fun when family comes in town. Looks like the kids had fun. Andrew is getting so big. He is adorable and such a happy baby.

Shaun & Jillian said...

I can't believe Andrew's dimples. They are so dang cute!! That is so much fun to have family stop by and visit. I also love your new kitchen. It looks great and I am sure that you are loving it! It looks like you guys did a lot of work.


He looks so excited in his BUMBO like he knows he's getting ready to eat

Katie Jane said...

Your little man is so smiley!! i love all of his pics and grins. I need to call you! It seems like it has been forever since we have chatted! I miss you.

suds2004 said...

Don't you just love visitors. It is the best, I am so glad that you got to spend time with family. 107! I can't believe this, crazy!

Andie said...

Andrew is a completely new little man since the last time I checked your blog! And I just have to say he is such a looker! I love and look up to you and your family so much!