Saturday, July 26

Three Going on Thirteen

I've been a horrible blogger lately (we just got an entirely new kitchen - pictures coming soon), but I had to write down what Sarah said today before I forgot. This morning, I had just gotten the girls some toast, and was working on getting my own breakfast prepared. Emma started to throw some of the remnants of her food, which is her way of telling us that she's all done.

Well... Sarah likes to give me a play-by-play when I'm not watching, so she says, "Mom! Emma's throwing her food! Mom!"

The thing is, I'm trying to keep Sarah from turning into a tattle-tell. So, I said with a warning voice, "Sarah... it's okay."

To which Sarah responded, "Don't worry about Emma, Mom. I've got it under control."

Maybe she's heard that a little too much? It's really hard to teach your three-year-old a principle when you can't help but bust up with laughter!


Jon and Melissa said...

Ha! I love it! I am really enjoying this stage with their new language abilities. It really helps me watch what I say!

Jennie's bunch said...

So cute! They grow up so fast!! It's so funny to hear yourself through your kids (or scary!!)! Sarah is such a cutie!!

Eric and Jenny said...

So cute! I love it when your kids start saying phrases you say all the time. Lance's favorite is "mommy I need two minutes". Makes me laugh every time. She is such a cute little girl, she has such a sweet face.

Andie said...

Sarah...what a little ham! Good thing you wrote that one down cause it should come out on her wedding day.