Wednesday, July 9

One of Each

I tried so hard to think of a fun theme for my post today, but... nothing! I couldn't come up with anything, so I just decided to choose a picture of each of the kids.

Mister Drew:
I can't believe how big this guy is getting. I keep thinking he is just tiny, but he's doing and learning so much. He is now starting to enjoy his tummy more and will just hold his head up like this and look around to watch the girls play. He also turns to me when he hears my voice or I say his name. I love watching my babies learn new things!

Little Miss Emma:
I don't know if it's a girl thing, but my girls LOVE shoes. Sarah started her obsession at about Emma's age right now too. Multiple times a day, I will find Emma walking around in mine or Dennis's shoes. She usually even gets them on the right feet! I'm sure there will be more shoe fetish pictures to come...

Sarah Pie:
Our big girl just loves to be in the picture! Dennis brought me home flowers today (just because... how sweet), and Sarah just wanted to smell them over and over. She called them "Mommy's Special Ones." She says the cutest things lately... I sometimes call my girls "sissy" or "sis" (like for sister), and Sarah has picked this up. She is constantly calling to Emma, "Come on, Sissy. Let's go!" She especially does this when Emma is pretending to be a puppy and Sarah is her owner. It's so great when they play together.


Katie Jane said...

Your little ones are so cute! Not to mention your special ones are beautiful!! What a nice husband to give you roses! Lucky. Your little Drew is getting so big! I just love reading your posts. It makes me happy.

Jennie's bunch said...

Way to go Dennis! Flowers are always nice to get!! :)

Look at little Drew...he is so strong and soooo cute!!

Love Emma in the shoes!! I think it is a girl thing!!

Miss Sarah is so sweet! She is such a great big sister!!

Jon and Melissa said...

Fantastic! Good work Dennis! I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting. Beautiful girls and one handsome man! I honestly can't believe how big he is gettig. Cool thing is I feel like I have met him because this blog thing is so great at letting us watch your kids grow up!

Eric and Jenny said...

That is so sweet he got you flowers just because, in my opinion there is no greater reason. Your kids are just so cute, Andrew has got to have the prettiest big eyes, he looks darling in that picture.


uh oh you better watch out with the shoe fetish!! your kids are so cute especially when they suck their thumb I wish Brody did:)

Janna said...

your kids are adorable... they really are! i can't believe that drew is already 4 months old! that's just crazy to me.