Wednesday, April 10

Welcome Home Elder and Sister Mitchell!!

My parents have been on their church service mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since September 2011.  They have been serving the people in the Solomon Islands, and we have missed them terribly.  

Last week, on Thursday I was up early checking my e-mail when I saw one from my mom asking me to get on Skype.  That was pretty unusual, so I thought something might be wrong.  I hurried and logged on, and immediately my mom said they were going to have to come home.  We knew that they were scheduled to be coming home in early August, so it came as a surprise.  They went on to tell me that the kidney stone my dad had been dealing with had not passed in over 2 months, and it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and dangerous.  He would need surgery to have it removed, and there isn't proper medical care in the Islands.  

So, Dennis and I decided I would drive out to Utah with Jared and Grace to greet welcome them as they came home.  It was a big surprise, because my parents didn't think anyone would be at the airport to greet them. 

They arrived at the Salt Lake airport last night to see all their 5 children, and 16 of their 19 grandchildren.  (only Dennis and my three oldest were missing).  It was a memorable reunion, and the very first time for my parents to meet Grace Anne in person.  It was absolutely wonderful!

 The 16 grandchildren anxiously awaiting their arrival

 Mom and Dad's look of surprise at seeing us all

Jessie, Gwen, and Kamber in for some hugs

 JT, Austin, McKenna, and Blake join in

 Brice, Hunter, James, Kaylee, Scott, Luke now in on the action

 My mom meeting Grace!
while Maren and Brice look on
Grandma waited a long 4 1/2 months for that squeeze

My dad is such a great man.  
Jared and I hugging him
Mostly everyone... some getting 3rd and 4th hugs from Grandma

The whole airport welcome home crew with our missionaries

 Love it!

Brice, TJ, me, Scott, Mom, Dad, and Brenda
(yes, I am almost as tall as my brothers)

We're so happy they are home!!!

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Andie said...

Gosh, that made ME cry just looking at the pictures! You do have a great family...can't wait to see you again. The pictures of Grace are adorable too!