Friday, November 30

Grace Anne Hunger

The weekend was a busy one.
We celebrated Thanksgiving in Cedar Rapids with the entire Hunger clan.
Then, on Friday we headed down to Nauvoo to stay the night because...
On Saturday, Dennis's youngest sister (31 yrs. old) was married in the Nauvoo temple.
Just as it started to look like we were going to get some sleep after a big family-filled weekend, my water broke.
It was about 3:00 on Sunday afternoon and Dennis had just gotten home from his meetings at church.
I wasn't having any contractions different than what I'd had for the past two weeks - some here and there.  Some days it was 10 contractions, other days I'd have 20 or so.
I was so worried about going to the hospital and having them give me pitocin.
Jared's birth had gone so well when I was able to get to the hospital at 8cm, and do it without an epidural, and I wanted to duplicate that as much as possible.
So, I decided to walk a little on the treadmill.
I did about 1.25 miles.
Still nothing.
We had a youth fireside that evening. 
With Dennis as the Branch President and me as the Young Women's President, we were both supposed to attend, but I decided to sit it out and sent Dennis anyway.
Finally, at about 6:00 (just minutes after I sent Dennis off) I started to feel uncomfortable with the contractions.
I knew I just needed to tough it out until he got home around 7:30.
So, I did.
I got the kids ready for bed and tucked them in for the night. 
Dennis got home, Grandpa Ned came to watch the kids, and we hurried to the hospital.

I was admitted around 8:00 and dilated to 6cm.
The doctor came an hour later at 9:00 and I was 8 cm.  He then told me he was going to run home for his computer and he'd be back in a little while.
I cautioned him how fast my babies liked to come, and he smiled and left.
He must live around the corner from the hospital because he made it back in time.
Grace was born at 9:23 pm.
No problems, no epidural, just a healthy baby girl.

That night, Dennis's sister from Utah was still in town (for about 5 more hours) so she and her son came to meet Grace with Grandma Mary. 

Early the next morning, Grandpa brought Grace's adoring older brothers and sisters to meet her.  Everyone except Jared fell in love at first sight.  Jared needed a day or two more than the rest. 

We were able to go home the very next day, which I loved!
I cannot say it was without pain, but she was worth it!

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